Only with your continued support, can we achieve our #opredsea missions, and elevate professional education for the Port Sudan Diving & Scientific community. Your donations, will enable us to purchase tools and spares, to further develop the RSMA | ERC project and provide maintenance support to the Marine Parks. Together we can expand our support in training and management to the WCGA - Sudan Marine Park Rangers, and other G.O.'s and N.G.O's active in the Red Sea. And finally with your help, we can keep developing our activism projects, create curriculums, run our biodiversity restoration projects, continue cleaning the Port Sudan (SD), and Ain Sokhna (EG) waterways... and so much more!

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Operation Red Sea,

Sees the incorporation of the IADP's mission statements, towards the development of marine science and biodiversity restoration programs, realize themselves in the Red Sea. With a brand new project location in the Dome Marina, with our partner Dome Marina Resort & Hotel in Ain El Sokhna - Egypt. 

This campaign is set to legalize our efforts and project locations in Egypt. It will both legalize the IADP's Middle East & North Africa office, but create also a separate legal entity GoBlu3 Alliance. Providing the foundations for our MAERC | VAULT and Mari Culture projects.

We've come a long way together, that's for sure. It's been an incredible adventure since I embarked on #opredsea October 2020. From the distant shores of Sudan's Red Sea to escaping the siege of Khartoum, to land on the shores of Ain Sokhna near Suez in Egypt.  It's been eventful, informative and eye opening to say the least.

We are so close to achieving, what many thought impossible. Personally this is a 15 year saga, that will move into a new stage. Now comes the critical phase, legalizing and finding financial support for the deployment of our biodiversity restoration and mari culture projects. We have an amazing project location with massive potential to create an unforeseen positive impact to the shorelines of the Red Sea. - TheOceanRoamer

Click here for more information on Operation Red Sea
After 3 years our mission to find adequate purpose for our GoBlu3 projects, is fulfilled. Your support is critical to our achievement, now more than ever. 

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If you'd rather pay via bank transfer you can do so by using following bank account, please do mention #opredsea

IBAN: BE61 5230 8140 6317 - SWIFT/BIC: TRIOBEBB
Triodos Bank nv / Hoogstraat 139/3 Rue Haute / 1000 Brussels / Belgium

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ALL donations are processed by the I.A.D.P, for the transparency of our operating projects. The International Association of Dive Professionals VZW/ASBL is an officially registered non profit organization in Brussels - Belgium. 
We take the trust you put in our team, vision and projects very seriously; and strive to be fully transparent to our donors. Quarterly reports are sent out to all donors, depicting our project reports, failures, successes, and team achievements. These reports, also include our project(s) financial statements.

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