Credited with the construction, of 17+ Dive Tourism projects, the successful establishment of major corporate brands; from conceptual stages to operational implementation. THEOCEANROAMER is the diving industry's training & exploration sector's, most accomplished independent consultant. Through his assignments, and accumulated experiences; uniquely positioned to consult for SMB's, and corporate clients alike. Our esteemed customer & partner's portfolio, spans the likes of Aqualung, NAUI, SSI, Extra Divers, Three Corners Hotels, Egypt's Saddat family, El Gouna, HEPCA, Camel Dive, Jazz & Iberotel Hotels, SubStation Curacao,...


Light commercial and public service dive jobs on Air. S&R, S&S, Surveys, Maintenance of diving and boating equipment.

S & R / Salvage

Throughout more than 3 decades, of professional diving experience, and education; leads the way in emergency situations. Locating/Recovery of people or objects, in large search area's, or in difficult places is our specialty.

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Surveys & Construction

Above and underwater Jetty or Ship inspection, with video, and full reporting. Underwater mapping, environmental impact surveys. Feasibility studies. All reports, delivered to the highest, international standards. Construction, installation of floating jetties, terraces, homes.

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Marine Maintenance

Planning and management of dry dock maintenance for vessels < 75 Tons. In water repairs on small vessels, body works and ship restoration projects. Diving and Boating equipment maintenance, including dive tanks, compressors, outboard/inboard engines.

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